Trying to keep up with the

4th Industrial
Revolution ?

Start by connecting your machinery to track production and increase factory performance !

The factory of the future is a new way¬†to organize and optimize means of production. A smarter factory offers greater production flexibility, and efficient resource management.


Does it have to be complex ?
No !

Entering Industry 4.0

has never been easier

With KEYPROD, the solution is :


Your machines communicate in a language of vibrations that KEYPROD interprets and calibrates using algorithm analysis and artificial intelligence. The configuration's steps are reduced to a minimum for easy and rapid deployment.

Plug n Play

Are you afraid of long, heavy and complex installations ? With KEYPROD, there are no auditing needs, no production stoppages. It is not intrusive, it works by just placing it on the machine and monitoring starts. Install it yourself !


Built with open architecture, it is easy to connect with your existing softwares and sensors. As middleware, KEYPROD concentrates data to provide accurate, real-time visibility of your production plant, in a clear and customizable way.


Continuously monitor and analyze factory data with our IoT and Cloud solution. Be alerted of potential problems, identify and reduce downtime, and increase quality and yield... Our Platform is always available on all your devices.


We deeply care about protecting our customers data's privacy. KEYPROD uses SSL encrypted connections and stores data on its secured server. We can also setup intern servers in factories to fit security needs.


Low investment costs and quick ROI. Identify the causes of performance losses to reduce machine stops, enhance of plant operating rates and time-consuming tasks for your people, while increasing their involvement.

Make your

Factory smarter

KEYPROD is a real-time machine monitoring, production tracking and manufacturing data collection system with clear and customizable reports and charts, providing accurate visibility of your production to track tasks, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), waste, downtime and much more...

Your ERP system lacks of efficiency when it comes to providing the plant's floor visibility ?

KEYPROD becomes a powerful MES (Manufacturing Execution System), tracking your workflow and interacting with your existing ERP and making information accessible to everyone at any time, on all your devices.

Manufacturing Execution System KEYPROD Dashboard
Manufacturing Execution System KEYPROD Dashboard
Manufacturing Execution System KEYPROD Dashboard

Digitalize your shop

With our disruptive system

It's easy, fast and efficient

KEYPROD is designed to be quick to install, easy to configure, simple to understand and use. It's time to democratize industry 4.0 and realize its potential.

Optimizing performance and lean continuous improvement also means being able to make the right real-time decisions in the field and therefore having reliable, shared, easily accessible data at your disposal.

KEYPROD turns any screen or TV into a viewer so you can display your dashbord wherever you want in your factory, or office.

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