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15% drop

in unplanned downtime when equipment data is captured & analyzed (Source: IoT & Analytics report, by Aberdeen Group, August 2017)

KEYPROD provides

A unique system including the following


Data Analysis

Charts, losses, pareto, KPIs like OEE, availability, performance, quality, MTBF and more..., in real time or history.

Cycles count

Automatically counting cycles or parts per machine and period, stops and micro-stops.

Losses Management

Input of the root causes of losses. Pareto and classification of performance losses per machine and period.


Be warned of states or threshold overruns automatically by mail, notification, or SMS.

Data Collection

Easily connect your existing sensors and ERP system. Enjoy your datas across all your devices.


Get PDF reports manually or schedule an automatic report by mail.


Graphical representation of the temporal organization of tasks per machine.

Up to date

You are always up to date and get new features over time.


Some issue, any question, feedback or need for assistance ? We care about our customers.

How does it

Work ?

The KEYPROD system uses advanced IIoT devices and a modern SaaS platform with minimum steps for installation.

10 minutes at the most to enjoy.


We have created an advanced IIoT relying on A.I. and machine learning to make your machines talk without any connection.

Just place it

On old or new equipment and it will automatically count the number of cycles. Combined with input from your operators thanks to the touch screen, it delivers meaningful and real-time information.


Accessible from wherever you are, our platform which can be accessed from all iOS, Windows and Android devices is secure, modern and user-friendly.

Just log in

And now you will see the workshop performance, you can track your production, monitor equipment states and downtimes reasons, analyze reports and graphs, and much more.


KEYPROD will be available soon. See its timeline below.
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  • Until 2019


    KEYPRODis in active development. Our team is working hard on this innovative and disruptive project, to provide the fastest and easiest way to enter the Industry 4.0.

  • June 2019


    The time has come to unveil KEYPROD at the 53rd International PARIS AIR SHOW (le bourget). The project was a great success and allowed to list participants for the beta test phase.

  • Now


    To meet as much as possible users needs, KEYPROD is currently undergoing extensive beta testing in various environments. This will make the system even more better and stronger.

  • 2021

    Join the Smart Revolution

    KEYPROD will be available.
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NOVEMBER 20, 2020

"Keyprod traduit le langage de la machine"

Keyprod, filiale de JPB Système, utilise les vibrations des machines pour les transformer en informations. En données sur son bon fonctionnement, son volume de production, ses arrêts,… Keyprod est un capteur magnétique de vibrations connectés à un gestionnaire numérique de production. Simple et efficace...

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JUNE 01, 2020

"Cette PME qui lance le Shazam de l'industrie"

Après avoir automatisé son site, JPB Système développe un service pour digitaliser les usines à moindre coût. Un dispositif fondé sur un boîtier bardé d’intelligence artificielle....

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AUGUST 20, 2019

"You have diversified your solutions offering with the introduction of an advanced Manufacturing Execution System – can you tell us more about this?

JPB Système is one of the first Industry 4.0 manufacturing facilities in France. Following the evolution of the aerospace industry and the need to compete at a global level, we managed to set up an automated and connected manufacturing plant, integrating robots and running overnight through remote monitoring. We further enhanced this by developing a MES solution enabling to connect, track and measure the effectiveness of all elements of the manufacturing process – including existing software, machinery and associated applications.

This pioneering middleware solution, KEYPROD, is designed to connect all elements of the manufacturing process and to measure their effectiveness. The solution is aimed to empower manufacturing companies seeking to embrace intelligent manufacturing and the Industry 4.0 revolution...

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JULY 10, 2019


Company unveils ground-breaking middleware solution designed to empower companies to move to smart manufacturing and enhance production efficiencies.

France-based, JPB Système, the leading manufacturer of self-locking devices for the aerospace and aeronautic industry, today announces the launch of a ground-breaking middleware solution, KeyProd, at the International Paris Air Show (17-23 June 2019, Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, Paris – France). Introducing an advanced level of digitisation to production environments, the cloud-based KeyProd platform is designed to connect, track and measure the effectiveness of all elements of the manufacturing process – including existing software, machinery and associated applications...

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